This is the first post on Coordinating with Sound.

I want to explain the grey waveform image that forms the header to this site. The image is of the transition between an audio signal (a short snippet of Fela Kuti’s Open and Close) and a motion capture signal (taken from an experiment I ran with Mihalis Doumas in which participants had to move their finger side-to-side between two targets in time with different rhythmic sounds). I created the image in Matlab by normalising the two signals (audio and mocap) and phasing from one to the other. The bottom signal is just the reverse of the top.

The reason I mention this is that I sometimes found it useful to think of motion and sound as signals, that is, quantifiable patterns of fluctuation over time. Of course, there are many different ways that both sound and movement can be represented as signals, and lots of theoretical issues in the choices that go into these representations (topics for future discussions no doubt). Nevertheless, by thinking of sound and movement as signals, we can analyse similarities and differences in their forms, and look for connections between these. Hence this image as the header for the site.


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